Jessica recalled that “she got tired of having a boss” and wanted to start her own business. Her Dad sent her to SCORE to learn the ins and outs of the business world. Jessica met with counselors once or twice a week for several months. The “dedicated counselors helped me write a business plan and arrange for needed capital. They even paid me regular visits for the first couple of months making sure I was headed in the right direction.”

How SCORE helped. 

In Spring 2004 a then 19 year old HS graduate walked into the SCORE office in Carmel, NY. Jessica Olsen had decided to open her own beauty salon and was seeking help. Five years later Ms. Olsen was recognized by that same SCORE office for “creating and maintaining a successful business in Putnam County”.

Five years later the business is thriving. Jessica describes her business as “a full service hair salon dedicated to men women and children. We provide hair extension, air brush tanning and waxing. My childhood friend, Kelly Marmo, is my right hand gal.”

Jessica isn’t planning on sitting still. Her business, Magic Mirror Salon, was recently recognized by a local publication as “Putnam’s Finest Hair Salon”. She says, “My future goal is to purchase an older home and convert it into a full service salon where each room of the dwelling would provide a different type of beauty service.”

We wish Jessica the very best of luck as she guides her business forward and are convinced she will continue the success she has experienced thus far in her young career.

Magic Mirror Salon